We no longer are keeping a stock of wood blanks, however we would be happy to
direct you to wood blank suppliers we have used in the past and highly recommend.
Each species of wood offers different characteristics such as  figure, color  and
contrast. Careful consideration will go into selecting a piece of wood, factoring in the
stock dimensions, type of gun, caliber / gauge and grain flow. Always consult the
factory when your not sure about the wood type best suited for the project.
WOOD BLANK QUALITY  We only use qualified wood suppliers who supply high
quality, stable wood blanks. There is a method to cutting blanks so that the grain flow
is correct and will be able to produce a quality gun stock. While we will cut gun stocks
from customer supplied wood, we will not warranty them from cracks that may
develop later.
CLARO WALNUT: The most widely used gun-stock blank in the world. In this same
category is Black and American Walnut, all mostly grown in the Western US. Claro
Walnut is a strong, close grained wood known for it wide range of color streaks such
as reds, yellows, browns and greens. Claro Walnut is stocked in all grades and we
have a variety of figures, such as fiddleback, color contrasting and feather crotch.
TURKISH WALNUT: The most prized of woods, used on fine guns world wide. While
Turkish Walnut is known for it’s strong fiber density, stability and durability, it’s most
often picked due to it’s striking color contrasts. This wood will typically have marbling
with yellow and black streaks.
ENGLISH WALNUT: Often similar to Turkish Walnut, and also known for it’s strong
fiber density, stability and durability, it is typically lighter than Turkish and more
straight grained. The yellows tend to be more golden / brownish.
MAPLE: This is a strong and durable wood that is comparable in density to Walnut. It
is generally light in color often with fiddle back, marbling and shell.
FRENCH WALNUT: Often similar to English Walnut, and also known for it’s strong
fiber density, stability and durability, it is typi-cally lighter than Turkish and more
straight grained with rich and deep color contrasts.
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CIRCASIAN:  This is a strong, stable wood. Was preferred for stocks before all of the
other exotic woods began being used.  Similar to black walnut with more even tones.  
This wood is an exhibition grade.