The Company will use its own in-house resources to conduct rifle and shotgun gun fittings. The
more difficult of the two would be shotguns, requiring additional training and experience.
Custom Stock Making and Stock Duplicating
We have hundreds of factory patterns to create stocks from, or we can duplicate your stock to
exact dimensions. For antiques or older guns with no existing pattern, we can create one to
carve from. We just received a large shipment of nice Claro Walnut Shotgun and Rifle Blanks!
Production Stocks & Forearms
For large or even limited production runs of
rifle or shotgun stocks call us for details.
Wood Blanks
Although we no longer are keeping an inventory of wood
blanks, we will be happy to direct you to the appropriate vendor
who will supply you with a top quality blank of your choice.  The
vendors will send the blank(s) directly to us for us to create
your unique masterpiece!
Stock Finishing
Montana Custom Guns has
developed a proprietary,
competition finish for the Sporting
Clays circuit. Our finishes include:
Standard Oil Finish, Premium
Hand Rubbed Oil Finish, Poly Oil
Competition Finish, and Old
English Red Root Oil Finish.
Our checkering is done by hand, on site by expert checkers. All
factory patterns can be duplicated as well as custom, one of a
kind designs, or choose from one our many patterns. We can
also do carvings and scroll work in your wood to enhance its
value and appearance.
If you don’t see what you need on
this list, call us. We perform choke
regulation, extend forcing cones, re-
bluing, french greying, chrome
plating, poly coating, teflon coating
choke tube installation, trigger
tuning, bolt jewelling, scope
installation, bore sighting, range
sighting, barrel porting, front and
mid bead installation, appraisals,
gun transfers, and all types of
general repairs.
Stock Alterations & Accessories
Adjustable Combs, Recoil Pads, Recoil Systems, Re-Inletting,
Comb adjustments, ISIS Systems, Stock Bending and more.
We perform restorations on all types of guns from antiques to
grand dad’s old rusted shotgun. We can make a new stock or
recondition the old one. A complete restoration project can
include refinishing the metal, repairs as required, refurbishing
the stock and forearm and testing for full functionality.
Montana GunFitting Academy
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Precarved Shotgun Stocks/FAs
We have a large variety of
precarved shotgun stocks/FAs on
hand at discounted prices, please call
for more information!