The history of Montana Custom Guns, LLC began with Bob James over 55 years ago.  On May
1st, 2009, Bob James sold the company with great faith and admiration to Mr. Kelly Clairmont.  
Kelly and his wife, Carla are natives of Polson, Montana.  He had worked side by side with Bob
for 5 years until purchasing the company assets in 2009 and although Bob no longer works with
us, Kelly is very thankful to Bob and continues with the knowledge he received from him.  Kelly is
very artistic and very maticulous about each and every gun stock that he touches.  He has a
natural knack for gun stock building, and enjoys every minute of it.  He enjoys creating with his
hands and allowing his artistic talent to radiate through his finished product.
Kelly is performing all of the services that Montana Custom Guns offers now as the economy has
slowed down but rest assured Kelly will continue to put his time and care into each and every gun
he works on!
Kelly Clairmont
Kelly was born and raised here in the Big Sky country.  He is married and he and his wife have 5
children, and 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.  They are very active and look forward to every
event involving their children and grandchildrens.  He and his wife enjoy camping, spending the
day on Flathead Lake and spending time with their children, grandchildren, family and friends.  
Kelly is an avid hunter including hunting for Elk, Moose, and Buffalo.  He has been raised around
firearms and is now thrilled with the fact that he is the owner and operator of his own gun shop
that produces such beautiful stocks!  Kelly began working for Montana Long Guns, Inc in 2004
and has never thought of changing his career path since, so he will continue his dream by owning
and managing Montana Custom Guns!  He looks forward to seeing all of you and visiting with you!
Ownership has been changed for over 5 years now, and although the economy has slowed, the
craftsmanship that is involved in the custom stock making, checkering, finishing, recoil systems,
restorations, precision gunsmithing, and point of impact gunfittings, has not been deterred.
The products of Montana Custom Guns will continue to be the best in the
Montana GunFitting Academy
35218 Courville Trail
Polson, MT  59860
(406) 883-1088
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