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Thank you for visiting our web site! We hope your visit is informative
and interesting!  Kelly Clairmont is the sole owner and operator of
Montana Custom Guns and puts his personal time and attention to
every project sent to MCG's. See our Portfolio Page for examples of
Kelly's work!  Give him a call!  He looks forward to hearing from you!  
We look forward to helping you create your unique firearm!
Montana Custom Guns continues to provide custom shotgun/rifle
stock making, gun fittings, stock finishing, checkering, gunsmithing,
restorations and recoil systems.  
We have not been able to attend the
recent shooting events but we are still here and still providing the best
Custom Shotguns and Rifles today
!  Our unique blend of old-world
craftsmanship and latest technology provide you with a firearm that is a
work of art, custom-tailored to fit you and your shooting style.
When you see the beautiful guns listed in our Portfolio, you
will agree that Montana Custom Guns builds the most
beautiful custom gun stocks in the nation!
We are no longer stocking wood blanks but would be happy to direct
you to the appropriate wood vendor to supply you with a top quality
wood blank.
Kelly and Carla
Mission Statement

“Montana Custom
Guns and its staff are
wholly dedicated to
the daily pursuit of
providing our clients
with the very finest
personalized custom
gun fittings,
professional stock
making and
services available in
our Nation today.”
Montana GunFitting Academy
35218 Courville Trail, Polson, MT 59860  |  Ph: 406.883.1088  |
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you a healthy and
happy 2015!

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throughout the
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